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About us


Welcome to the Graduate Institute of Finance. We offer a variety of finance-related programs that suit individual needs. What is impressive about our school is that it is located in downtown Taipei, which is the center of Taiwan and offers a convenient environment for various aspects of life.



1974 The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(NTUST) was established on August 1, 1974, as the first higher education institution of its kind within our nation's technical and vocational education system.


1997 The NTUST reorganized itself into the following five colleges: engineering, electrical and computer engineering, management, design, and liberal arts and social sciences.


2002 The Graduate Institute of Finance was established, which provided only the graduate program.


2003 Ph.D. degree program and EMBA program were both added to the Graduate Institute of Finance.


Goals and Objectives


Prepare students for a wide range of careers both inside and outside the financial industry, including financial engineering and risk ,management, quantitative asset management, macroeconomic and financial forecasting, quantitative trading, corporate finance, investment banking and applied research.