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Educational Goals

The Graduate Institute of Finance plays a vital role within the School of Management. Following its vision of being premier institution of finance education nationwide and in the Asia-Pacific region, we are fully committed to excellence and continuous improvement in finance education. The mission of our institute is to prepare students for successful careers in the finance sector or in academia by providing high quality education. Our caring, dedicated, and qualified faculty provides advanced graduate education for students seeking careers in education, research, or in the finance industry. We continuously promote the scholastic development of our faculty, and have fostered sound relationships with the business and financial community in Taiwan. Following the School of Management’s mission statement, we have derived five learning goals:

  • Critical and analytical thinking

    Each student shall be able to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills when making decisions in a variety of contexts within the financial services industry.

  • Competence in specialization

    Each student shall be able to demonstrate competence within his or her specialized field of study.

  • Teamwork

    Each student shall be able to gain experience working with other people and learn how to effectively communicate with team members to accomplish a stated objective.

  • Quantitative analysis skill

    Each student shall be able to acquire necessary statistical, mathematical and programming skills, and apply those skills to find solutions for advanced problems in the field of finance.

  • Professional ethics

    Each student shall be able to think not only critically and analytically, but also historically and ethically.

To fulfill the above objectives and goals, we have developed a curriculum that includes compulsory courses, seminars on special topics, the writing of a final thesis, as well as specialized elective courses in four categories: financial engineering, corporate finance, investment, and quantitative analysis. Those specializations and the broad range of elective courses offered by the School of Management enable our students to customize their degrees to align to their personal and professional goals. The relationship between this institute's mission, educational goals and the curriculum are depicted in the following figure.