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Daniel Wei-Chung Miao (Profile)
Professor, Associate Dean of School of Management

Office: IB-1003-B

Phone: (02)2730-1273

Email: miao@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Education: PhD in Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics and Operations Research) University of Oxford, UK

Research: Financial mathematics, financial calculations, quantitative models, stochastic processes


Programm Coordinator, Secretary
Yu-Ting Tsai 
Office: International Building,10F, Room 1005


Email: fn1095@mail.ntust.edu.tw


  Full-time Faculty

Woan-Yuh Jang (Profile)

Office: IB1001-A

Phone: 886-2-2737-6753

Email: jangwy@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Education: Ph.D. in Finance, University of Warwick, UK

Research: Behavioral Finance, Corporate Governance, Stock Market Anomalies, Statistical Analysis


Chiung-Ju Liang (Profile)

Office: International Building IB1002-A

Phone: 886-2-2737-6915

Email: cjliang@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Education: Ph.D. in Accounting, National Taiwan University

Research: Performance Evaluation and Balanced Scoredcards, Management of Value Creation, Capital Markets


Joseph C.P. Shieh (Profile)

Office: International Building, IB1004-B

Phone: 886-2-2730-1267

Email: jshieh@mail.ntust.edu.tw 

Education: Ph.D. in Finance, Kent State University

Research: Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity Operations, Research of Corporate Finance


Chun-Nan Chen  (Profile)
Associate Professor 

Office: International Building, IB1001-B

Phone: 886-2-2737-6923

Email: chunnan@mail.ntust.edu.tw 

Education: Ph.D. in Finance, Syracuse University, US

Research: Financial Strategy, Financial Market and Institutions, Behavioral Finance, Empirical Finance and Investment Strategies



Guan-Di Gordon Chang (Profile)
Associate Professor 
Office: IB1004-A 
Phone: 886-2-2737-6725
Email: gchang@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Education: Ph.D. in Real Estate Finance from Texas A
M University , U.S.A.
                  Certificate of PCMPCL (case study), Harvard Business School, U.S.A

Research: Financial Asset and Real Estate Securitization, MBSs, REITs,
                 Asset Allocations, Portfolio Management

Po-chin Shiue(Profile)

Assistant Professor




Education: PhD in Finance, University of Cambridge, UK

Research: Risk Management in Banks, Credit Risk Modelling, Implied Risk-Neutral Density Functions, Financial Statement Analysis

Adjunct Faculty



Ming-Ju Pan
Associate Professor
Email: mjpan@gapps.ntust.edu.tw
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, Department of Business Administration 
Courses: Financial Management


David Chih-Hsieh Chang 
 Associate Professor Rank Specialist
Email: davie.chang@gmail.com

Education: M.Sc., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Management,
Position: Associate Professor-Rank Specialist, Shih Chien University, Institute of Fashion Design 
Courses: Emerging Industry, Brand Value Innovation (Seminars) 


Chang-Shi Lin
Associate Professor
Email: xenos.lin@gmail.com
Education: MBA, Lynn University, Florida, US
Position: Alethia Universiy, Department of Accounting Information, Assistant Professor 
Courses: Quantitative Methods for Finance, Mathematics for Financial Engineering


Ching-Yuan Chen
Associate Professor-Rank Specialist

Education: MBA, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, Risk Management and Insurance 

Position: General Supervision Division, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission, Director   
Courses: Insurance  


Shu-Yu Tsao
Associate Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: tsao8004@gmail.com
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Finance

Position: Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, Lecturer;  Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei, Lecturer
Courses: Basic Financial Planning Practice, Industrial Analysis through Visiting Leading Companies

o Chung-Lien Pan
Assistant Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: peter5612@gmail.com
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Finance

Position: National Chin Yi University of Technology, Part-time Lecturer
Courses: Internet Finance

Jung-Chien Lee
Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: jclee@mail.cbc.gov.tw
Education: M.S., National Chengchi University, Department of  Public Finance
Position: Executive Committee Member of the Central Bank; Convener of the Internet Assets Group
Courses: Money and  Banking; Monetary and Financial Analysis

o Kae-Yih Tzeng
Assistant Professor-Rank Specialist
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Finance
Position: Fubon Financial Holding, Ltd., Former Associate
Courses: Industry Analysis for Investment, Fund Management, Company Analysis for Investment

Hung-Jui Wang
Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, National Chiao Tung University, Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Position: Ministry of Finance, Securities and Futures Commission, Securities Management Group Specialist
Courses: Financial Institution Management


Ching-Pei Lin 
Education: M.S., National  Taiwan University, Economics
Position: Hwa Hsia University of Science and Technology, Department of Information Management,  Lecturer
Courses: Micro-economics, Macro-economics


Sam Chen-Shan Chang
Asscociate Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: changsam3636@gmail.com
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Management
Position: Financial Supervisory Commission,Bureau of Securities and Futures,  Director,
Courses: Accounting Information and Capital Market


Richard Liu
Assistant Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: richard@mail.otc.org.tw
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Management
Position: Taipei Exchange (TPEx), Assistant Director 
Courses: Economics 


Jing-Chang Hsu
Assistant Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: jchsu99@gmail.com
Education: M.S., National Chengchi University, Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Position: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Water Resources, Taipei Water Supply District Administration, Section Manager
Courses: Financial Statement Analysis



Kuan-yu Hu
Associate Professor-Rank Specialist
Email: kksfather@gmail.com
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,  Graduate Institute of Finance 
Position: Mega Securities, Former Associate
Courses: Cases of Financial Innovation Products, Trading Practice of Financial Products




Chang-Yao Lin
Email: cavinlin543@gmail.com
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,  Graduate Institute of Finance 
Position: KGI Securities, Bond Department, Associate
Courses: Trading Practice of Financial Products




Ying-I Lee
Email: gillianess@yahoo.com.tw
Education: M.S. Aletheia University, Department of Business Administration  
Position: Chinese Culture  University, Department of Finance and Economics, Part-time lecturer
Courses: Accounting



Chun-chin Ho
Email: D9918006@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Education: M.S. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Finance
Position: Doctoral candidate at NTUSTGraduate Institute of Finance   
Courses: Statistics






Day-Yang Liu (Profile)
Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Professor  

Education: PhD, Tulane Univerisity, US, Economics 
Research:  Lottery and Commercial Gaming, Decision Sciences, 
Positions: Taiwan Tech, Vice-President (02/ 2018 - 02/2021)

                 Taiwan Tech, General Secretary  (08/2003 - 01/2005.)
                  Taiwan Tech Department of Business Administration, Dean  (1997-2001)
                  Taiwan Tech Institute of Finance and Economics, Director  (2007)
                  Bank of Taipei, Director of the Seventh Board of Directors of (01/2002 - 12/ 2002) 


Last update: 17 Dec 2021